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Pro Arte proudly presents a season that will...



The season begins a little bit differently than usual.


This Fall, we adapt.

Typically, we kick off the season with the first concert in our Subscription Series. Since these full chamber orchestra concerts are not feasible yet, we have adapted to the circumstances that challenge the way ensembles have traditionally run.


We start off small, but in a big way. We are presenting a Fall Salon Series unlike any other we have done before. From September to December, Pro Arte musicians bring the concert experience into your home with a set of six virtual performances. Typically we only have four Salons in one entire season!


Our Salon concerts feature a changing lineup of chamber ensembles and present diverse voices in music. This Fall, we highlight diverse composers, including women and people of color, while also exploring themes of democracy and celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday.


Each individual Salon concert premieres at 8pm on Thursday night and is available to stream until the following Sunday. Immediately after the premiere, get to meet our artists and other audience members in a live Zoom Q&A session.


Click the buttons below for more info and to buy tickets.

FALL 2020



It is too far out to predict whether we will be able to have full ensembles or invite audiences back into our home at First Baptist Church by the start of 2021. That’s why Robert Burns’s famous quote seems especially fitting (not to mention his birthday is in late January). We are putting plans in place for whatever the appropriate scenario might be. Regardless, we will evolve out of the Fall and continue to present outstanding music that speaks to what is going on in our community.


Tickets for the Winter will be available for purchase late in the Fall. Please check back regularly for programming and ticket information as the season progresses.


“The best-laid plans….”


In the Winter, we evolve.




In the Spring, we expand.


"carefully to

and fro moving New and



Cambridge-born E. E. Cummings’s “Spring is like a perhaps hand” speaks of the careful arranging of things New and Old, here and there, “changing everything carefully.” After what will be a year since our lives were forever transformed, Pro Arte will plan to expand our musical offerings. We will work diligently to blend the way our past seasons have looked with the innovations that learn throughout this season of flexibility. 


Tickets for the Spring are now available for purchase. Please visit our Spring page to learn more about the programs and to purchase tickets and subscriptions.

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