Press & Reviews

Reckoning Artistry Streamed

–David Patterson

OCTOBER 23, 2020

Pro Arte Tangos in the Cambridge Pampas

–Victor Khatutsky

JANUARY 14, 2020

Pro Arte explores the world of Piazzolla and the bandoneon

–Andrew J. Sammut

JANUARY 13, 2020

The Versatile Kevin Rhodes and PACO

–Julie Ingelfinger

OCTOBER 25, 2019

Pro Arte Displays Jewels and Gems in Newton

-by Julie Ingelfinger

JANUARY 13, 2019

Pro Arte Program's Lively Mix

–Vance R. Koven

MAY 9, 2016

Pro Arte Opens and Commemorates

–Elisa Birdseye

NOVEMBER 3, 2015

"This is a professional chamber orchestra with playing as good as the BSO on a smaller scale. Precision playing, musical and an amazing dynamic range that amateur groups struggle to master."

I enjoyed the May 12 concert more than some others; I found it more accessible to this untrained ear. 

I went to see "On the Move" May 12, and was blown away by this small-ish orchestra's creativity and expressivity.