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Staff and Board of Trustees

Leadership and Administrative

Kevin Rhodes, Principal Conductor
Laurie Szablewski, General Manager

Daniel Mahoney, Operations Manager
Susan Gottschalk, Personnel Manager


Officers of the Cooperative

Eugenia (Genie) Ware, PhD., Board Chair
Sandeep Green Vaswani, Treasurer
John Barstow, Secretary


Board of Trustees

John Barstow +
Diane Asseo Griliches
Kevin Leong, PhD
Adam Schilke
Katherine Mackey
Sandeep Green Vaswani
Eugenia Ware, PhD +
+ Executive Committee member


Player and Repertoire Committee

Stacey Alden +
Ann Bobo
Colin Davis
Barbara Englesberg +
Susan Gottschalk
Ronald Haroutunian
Steven Laven +
Kristina Nilsson, Chair
Ann Hooper Webb +

+ Executive Committee member

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