Stock Gifts

There are many ways to give a gift of stock.

You may transfer stocks electronically, either personally or through your broker. You will need an account number to make a stock transfer. For Pro Arte’s broker account number, please contact our office at (617) 779-0900 or by e-mail at To ensure proper crediting of your gift, please be sure to include the following details when informing us that you have made a gift of stock through your broker:

Your Full Name
Stock Name
Number of Shares

By Mail or In Person
To donate stock certificates, please endorse original certificates to Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston. Certificates must be signed exactly as your name appears on the front of each certificate. Mail certificates to:

Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston
75 Arlington Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02116

To donate certificates in person, please telephone (617) 779-0900.

Gift Valuation
The value of a stock gift is the average of the high and low trading values on the date of transfer. This is the day the envelope in which you mail your stock certificates is postmarked, or the day the shares reach Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra’s account when transferred electronically. It is important for your broker to know that the transfer should happen immediately.

We are grateful for your support of Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston!