See What Everyone’s Saying About Pro Arte!

Thank you coming out to hear us play and for your wonderful comments. Here are just a few of them:

“Pro Arte’s January 18 concert, Skylark, was a joy to attend. The program was entirely beautiful, the conducting energetic yet sensitive to the music, and the performance technically and artistically excellent. Ms. Nilsson’s performance of Vaughan Williams’s Lark Ascending–a piece that stands or falls on its solo performance–touched the heart as well as the mind.”

“We had never heard the Pro Arte orchestra before, but after this concert hope to hear many more concerts by this wonderful small orchestra. The Rossini overture was sprightly, with a delicate touch. Kristina Nilsson, concertmaster and soloist in The Lark Ascending, has a beautiful tone, and plays soulfully, effectively evoking the dreamy quality of the piece. But the greatest treat was Beethoven’s 7th Symphony – one of our favorite pieces of music. We had wondered whether such a small orchestra could do justice to such a majestic work, but in the intimate space of All Saints Parish the music filled the hall, doing full justice to the contrasts and drama that make the 7th superb.”

“Simply gorgeous! Beethoven would be proud!”

“The performance of all three works was excellent. The tempo on The Lark Ascending was a bit fast for my tastes at times, but overall, it was excellent. Beethoven’s 7th was an energetic and enthusiastic performance. The acoustics of this particular location were good, but could have been better–notably, the location along Beacon Street meant that the noise from the Green Line interfered with the music a little.”

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