Reasons to Support Pro Arte

ProArte11* Pro Arte players are exceptional. They play on major stages and in orchestra pits throughout New England.  When they play with Pro Arte, they are not lost in a sea of music stands in a huge hall. You can see them. They are accessible. Your experience is personal. everyones-saying-about-pro-arte/




2* Principal conductor Kevin Rhodes is a dynamo and makes every concert an adventure….even for the players!



ProArte33*. Since 1978, Pro Arte has been an outreach trend-setter, making discounted tickets available to low-income folks and donating services to teach area school children.


ProArte44*. As a chamber orchestra, our sound is very different from a full symphony. Our smaller size allows us to perform standard works in a clearer way and to bring lesser known pieces designed for a “Mozart-sized orchestra” to you.


Scan5*. It’s fun to watch the facial expressions of the musicians while they are playing, especially our bassoonist!



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