More Great Reasons to Support Pro Arte

 ProArte66*. Our intimate Salon Series and house concerts held in living rooms and smaller venues allow you to meet small groups of musicians, so that your experience of attending our full orchestral performances becomes much more personal.


ProArte77* We operate on a shoestring (actually, a violin e-string ) so that more of your donation goes right to the music.



ProArte88*. It’s always a good time to make a tax-deductible donation to Pro Arte. Your gift is completely deductible because we don’t send you umbrellas or T-shirts.




ProArte99*Our player-chosen repertoire spans 4 centuries, including popular “war horses,“ wonderful lesser-known works, and new “edgy” commissions.



gallery.picture-810*You don’t have to be a Harvard music professor to enjoy our concerts. Kevin Rhodes and our other remarkable conductors make it easy for you to find your own way to listen and connect with the music. 

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