Member of the Week – Stacey Alden

Every Wednesday, we will feature one Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra member to answer some fun questions about themselves. Today we will be hearing from Stacey Alden in our violin section.

Photo by Michael Lutch

Photo by Michael Lutch

What would your occupation be if you were not a musician?

Although there are so many things I love to do – sew, quilt, read, make jewelry, dance – nothing would translate well into an occupation. Lately I have been fascinated with being a personal organizer. There is much satisfaction with all the hangers in a closet being the same color and all pointing the same way!

What is your favorite dish to cook?

My favorite dish to cook right now is anything with zucchini. The zucchini in my garden are growing way too fast, so every time I use one another one or two or three takes its place on my kitchen counter. Yesterday was zucchini pancakes…

Who is your musical hero?

My musical hero is Leroy Anderson because his music is so full of personality and whimsy. I have a special place in my heart for The Syncopated Clock and The Typewriter. Whether playing or just listening, I find so much of his music makes me smile.

What do you most enjoy about performing with Pro Arte?

I love Pro Arte because its members share a common All-for-One attitude. There are no Prima Donna egos here. People come prepared with their individual parts learned ready to contribute to the orchestra’s common goal.

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