Member of the Week – Ron Haroutunian

Every Wednesday, we will be featuring one Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra member to answer some fun questions about themselves. Today we will be hearing from Ronald Haroutunian, our principal bassoon.

Photo by Angel Amy Moreno

Photo by Angel Amy Moreno

How did you first get involved in music?

I took up clarinet in 5th grade because I wanted to. I then switched to bassoon in 8th grade, because my band director asked me to. I said sure, as I did not care for the clarinet much.  It worked out bassoon wise though.

What is your favorite memory from performing with Pro Arte?

I have been performing (not every concert) with PACO since 1978 so there are lots of memories. My favorite is performing the Richard Strauss’s Duo Concertante for Clarinet and Bassoon and string orchestra with PACO with our late clarinetist Julie Vaverka. The opportunity to perform that piece does not come up often if at all, and so it was nice to do so.

What are some of your favorite non-musical hobbies?

Music is an all or nothing profession, definitely not a 9 to 5 job , so I do not have many “hobbies.” Let’s just say that in my down time I like to read, or go out to restaurants with friends, and travel a bit when I have time.

What was the most recent book you read?  What did you like or not like about the book? 

I have just finished “In the Garden of Beasts” by Erik Larson, a non fiction work about Berlin in the 1930’s. I am a big fan of history, and one can see many parallels to what once was and what can be again, in a general way.

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