Soloist Interview – Dana Russian

Every Wednesday, we will be featuring one Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra member to answer some fun questions about themselves. Today we will be hearing from Dana Russian, our principal trumpet.

Photo by John Barstow

Photo by John Barstow

What would your occupation be if you were not a musician?

I majored in economics at Colby College in Maine, and had planned on pursuing an advanced degree if music didn’t work out.  Fortunately for me it did!  

What is your non-musical hobby?

I have a few interests outside of music.  I love to play tennis and golf, but downhill skiing is my favorite sport.  I ski in New England, but always do at least one trip to Utah every year.  My regular hobby is taking care of two old BMWs and autocrossing them.  Autocrossing is a time trial form of racing, where you race your car through a series of cones set up on a large parking lot or in the Boston BMW Club’s case, the old Fort Devens airfield.  Racing is a lot of fun, but  I love to wrench on the old cars and get my hands dirty doing everything from suspension overhaul to brake jobs.

How did you first get involved in music?

Like many suburban kids, my elementary school had a music program, and I got a great teacher named Jay Rizzetto in high school.  I didn’t really want to go into music performance until I was halfway through college when I realized that I could compete with the conservatory students.

What is your favorite movie?  What do you like about the movie? 

My favorite movie is The Godfather and Godfather Part Two.  The story of the history of Vito Corleone as told in the 2nd part of the movie is riveting, especially the revenge he gets on the murderer of his family.

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