Member of the Week – Colin Davis

Every Wednesday, we feature one Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra member to answer some fun questions about themselves. Today we will be hearing from Colin Davis, our principal second violin.

Photo by Michael Lutch

Photo by Michael Lutch

Who is your favorite composer?  Why?

I would have to say Mozart. From his chamber music through his symphonies and concerti, great choral works and opera there is such a vast range of emotion – great joy and peace to pathos and tragedy – but always so perfectly constructed.

What is your non-musical hobby?

Like our Principal Trumpet, Dana Russian, I too have a passion for automobiles. I have a T-shirt which says “Still plays with cars – especially little British ones” which sums me up! I enjoy taking my 43 year old Triumph to shows and driving events around the region. Although not fast by today’s standards my car is such fun to drive. Even during the winter, while it slumbers in the garage awaiting the better weather, the very thought of driving it makes me smile.

What is your favorite memory from performing with Pro Arte?

Shostakovich Cello Concerto with Yo-Yo Ma. Yo-Yo is such an amazing communicator. His love of music is palpable.

Do you listen to non-classical musical genres?  If so, what are some of your favorites?

I am afraid I really only listen to classical music (how square).

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