Member of the Week – Anne Hooper Webb

Every Wednesday, we feature one Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra member to answer some fun questions about themselves. Today we will be hearing from violinist Anne Hooper Webb.

Photo by Michael Lutch

Photo by Michael Lutch

What was your first experience with Pro Arte? How did you first learn about the Orchestra?

I first learned about Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra through Barbara Englesberg, whom I met when we performed at the New England Bach Festival in Marlboro, Vermont in October of 1981. The first concert I played with Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra was on Sunday, December 30th of that year. The program was Kodaly Te Deum and Bach Magnificat. It was the beginning of a long and steadfast relationship with Pro Arte.

Why did you choose the violin over all of the other possible instruments?

My mother played violin. As my two older siblings were already studying flute and piano, somehow, violin was chosen for me. My mother was my first teacher. I remember her lovely, sweet sound. At age eight, I told my great aunt that I would be a famous violinist.

Are you originally from the Boston Area? If so, has there been any temptation to move anywhere else for any reason? If not, where are you from and what prompted you to come here?

I was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When I was nearly four, our family moved to Cleveland Heights, Ohio, as my father had been offered a teaching position at Case Institute of Technology. After a wonderful childhood on a big street, with lots of children and street-organized activities, I attended The Mannes College of Music in New York City. Thereafter, I spent six years in Salzburg, continuing violin studies and playing in the Camerata Academica, followed by three years in Munich, playing in the Sinfonieorchester Graunke (now Münchener Symphoniker). Finally, I came to Boston to be nearer to my parents who had returned to Boston in their retirement.

What are some of your favorite pastimes?

Ironically, one of my favorite pastimes is also on the violin or rather, the fiddle. I was introduced to Scottish fiddling in 1987, and I have performed ever since for dance events and concerts. The Scottish Country dancing community is another family, second only to that of Pro Arte! Otherwise, I love hiking, particularly on mountains. I have a constant yen, fulfilled only a handful of times, to travel back to old haunts in Austria, Bavaria, and Italy. There are lots of other delights like gardening and baking, but I would drop them on the instant, for a game of badminton.

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