Ian Cracks Jokes, Not Notes

ian2Ian Greitzer goes to great lengths to cheer up his colleagues, who sometimes laugh so hard they are unable to play while the trickster is at work. When asked what is going on in all the photos we have of him laughing and smiling with other members of the orchestra, Ian remarked, “most of what I say is unprintable but I always have a great time when playing music.” So there you have it: you’ll just have to hear him live on Saturday!

Mozart, the composer famous for his humor, is the fitting subject of Ian’s attention on Saturday night as he performs Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto with Pro Arte. In Ian’s words, Mozart’s music is “funny, moving and incredibly beautiful— simultaneously.” The piece, written late in Mozart’s life, is “intimate in that the slow movement is among the most expressive and touching music ever written. However, the piece is not restrained at all; it is vibrant and alive.”

Come hear Ian Greitzer live on Saturday Night at First Church Cambridge!