Committee Structure

The Cooperative

The Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston is a cooperative in which the players control the artistic stewardship of the orchestra. Pro Arte’s trustees are nominated by current members of the board of trustees, but are elected by the whole membership of the orchestra, in which players outnumber trustees.

Executive Committee

The players and trustees delegate responsibility for general management of the orchestra to the Executive Committee, which in turn hires the general manager and any additional staff they deem appropriate.

Player and Repertoire Committees

The Player and Repertoire committees are currently operating as a joint committee.

Serving as the central representative body of the musician-members of the cooperative, the Pro Arte Players’ Committee fulfills a distinctive role in the governance of the Orchestra. It facilitates efficient communication among the musician-members, Music Director, trustees, and staff. Embodying the principal of cooperation, it plays an invaluable role in the health and success of the cooperative. Elected annually by the musician-membership, the it meets regularly during the season to

  • propose artistic policy,
  • establish audition procedures,
  • serve as liaison between the Music Director and orchestra members,
  • enforce musician-membership rules, and
  • coordinate personnel for Pro Arte performances.

Selecting a distinctive blend of traditional and contemporary works for presentation, the Pro Arte Repertoire Committee is charged with the principal responsibility of coordinating artistic programming for each concert season. Comprised of musician-members, staff and trustees, the Repertoire Committee meets monthly to evaluate the overall effectiveness of its programming and to plan a steady course for future artistic growth. As participating members of Pro Arte’s Executive Committee, Repertoire Committee personnel play an instrumental role in long-term planning and policy-making for the organization. Working cooperatively with Music Director, the Committee

  • secures dates for all Pro Arte subscription concerts,
  • selects all repertoire and guest artists,
  • assists in the planning of benefit concerts and special events, and
  • reviews and recommends original compositions of new works for chamber orchestra.

Marketing and Development Committee

The Cooperative operates an ad hoc Marketing and Development Committee comprised of both players and trustees to oversee promotional strategy and development goals. We encourage all members to time, energy (and funding) in this effort to ensure that Pro Arte remains a compelling and rewarding source of music and inspiration for ourselves and the public.