A Message from Kevin Rhodes, Principal Conductor

rhodesI am Kevin Rhodes, proud Principal Conductor of Pro Arte. I’m writing to ask you to consider including Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra in your year-end giving.  Your contribution will help support our artistic activities and marketing efforts so that more people will know about the great things happening at Pro Arte. And, in an organization the size of Pro Arte, even a small donation can have a big impact!

I know you will agree that great music is not only nourishment for the soul, but is one of the most unique ways to explore the world around us and within each of us.  Our current “Travelogue Season” enables our listeners and fans to visit far flung corners of the globe by coming to hear us in one of our many performance spaces in the Boston area.  You can hear us in groups ranging from our full orchestra in our subscription concerts to our more intimate Salon Series, where we show off the individual talents of the great musicians who make up our orchestra.

Pro Arte, founded 37 years ago, has developed an incredible richness of tenure and camaraderie among the players. Its unique structure enables the musicians of the orchestra to have an unprecedented level of ownership by contributing to program planning, day-to-day decision making, and long range goals of the orchestra.  One of the original goals, very much ahead of its time, was the idea of combining social consciousness into its musical activities.  This mission has taken many forms over the years, from offering tickets at no charge to low income patrons, often from the émigré community, to community outreach in the area’s schools, including both those with thriving music programs and those who are not so fortunate.

Over the years we have worked with many of the country’s top established and emerging artists. This season is no exception. Our October concert highlighted the consummate professional Ian Greitzer, our own Principal Clarinetist. In February we will feature cellist Sergey Antonov, recent winner of the 2007 Tchaikovsky Competition, and in May the remarkable violinist Adrian Anantawan and Argentinian bandoneon player Juanjo Mosalini.

In January, I am excited to conduct a Russian-themed concert featuring another emerging artist, violinist Yevgeny Kutik. whose family emigrated to Western Massachusetts from the Ukraine when he was a small child. Yevgeny will perform one of the most virtuosic works in the repertoire, the Prokofiev 2nd Violin Concerto. In Prokofiev’s own words, “The number of places in which I wrote the Concerto shows the kind of nomadic concert-tour life I led then. The main theme of the 1st movement was written in Paris, the first theme of the 2nd movement at Voronezh, the orchestration was finished in Baku and the premiere was given in Madrid.” It is itself a mini-travelogue!  For more information about Yevgeny and his story, please point your browser to his featured interview with NPR from this past April, located at: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2014/04/04/297756300/a-time-capsule-from-a-soviet-era-childhood

I hope you will join me as a contributor to Pro Arte and enjoy being a member of our audience. In doing so. you will help us continue to provide great music to our remarkable community.



I wish you health and prosperity in the upcoming holiday season and New Year ….and safe travels at home or afar.


Kevin Rhodes,

Principal Conductor